“Egyesítjük a szeretet fényét és erejét.
Sok szív egyszerre dobban azért, hogy segítsünk.
Ezt a szeretetet sugározzuk ki minden nap mindenkire.
Megváltozik tőle a világ.”

Erika Bartha

The foundation

I am Erika Bartha and I have been receiving teachings from my Heavenly Masters since I was a child.

I have been providing treatment along these guidelines for 25 years, and I help those who turn to me so that they can live in a healthy body, balance, love, joy and happiness. I pass on a lot of helpful techniques, meditations and messages in my courses.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you with great pleasure that our Heart Shine Foundation has been established.

The Heart Shine techniques are self-healing, self-improving and helpful techniques.

It is the aim of the Foundation that this wonderful, healing love can help as many people as possible with courses, meditations, books, cards as well as audio and other tools. Our goal is to provide lectures, meditations, courses and workshops. We work very hard to ensure that we live in a healthy, peaceful Earth that is full of love.

The Foundation was created so that – with your supporting help – we can take this wonderful love energy to more people through our Foundation, which will change our entire lives.

We can transform our world into a world with more love
if we join forces and help each other.

If you would like to participate in this and help this path of shine and love, we thank you with a grateful heart for supporting our Foundation.

The account number of the HEART SHINE Foundation:

10700024-73150936-51100005 CIB Bank

IBAN HU49 1070 0024 7315 0936 5110 0005 for international transfers

The seat of the Foundation: 6726 Szeged, Thököly utca 50/A.

The deed of foundation can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Thank You, 

Erika Bartha
Heart Shine Wakener