“Egyesítjük a szeretet fényét és erejét.
Sok szív egyszerre dobban azért, hogy segítsünk.
Ezt a szeretetet sugározzuk ki minden nap mindenkire.
Megváltozik tőle a világ.”

Erika Bartha

Erika Bartha
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I am Erika Bartha, Heart Shine Wakener.

 am on the path of Heart Shine, which is a wonderful path of love and shine. I was 5 years old when I first wakened to my mission. An energy gate remained open, through which I can see and hear my shine-being Masters and helpers. They have been teaching and leading my earthly life since I was a child. I have received a lot of knowledge from them, I have gone through a lot of teaching and they have always led me with wonderful love energy. My Masters have taken me to many places in the world during my life.

I have provided treatments for years with this amazing Rainbow-shine energy that completely tunes bodies to a higher vibration of love. This is a gentle touch treatment that creates vibrations in the body and thus the ability of Self-healing wakens in the body at cellular level.

A 7th dimensional love energy that contains all the vibrations of colours. Rainbow-shine that wakens everyone to their true Self through the energy of pure love. I have been teaching the use of this wonderful energy for 13 years. I pass on through a variety of trainings all the knowledge, love, touch, healing, and feelings that I receive from my Heavenly Masters. All the teachings that I pass on come directly from my Masters through my Heart Shine channel. The Heart Shine energy changes everyone’s life into an easier, happier, more joyful and freer life.

This is a journey full of wonderful love, joy and happiness.

Everyone has this ability and all you have to do is waken it in Yourself.

I am a Heart Shine Wakener.