“Egyesítjük a szeretet fényét és erejét.
Sok szív egyszerre dobban azért, hogy segítsünk.
Ezt a szeretetet sugározzuk ki minden nap mindenkire.
Megváltozik tőle a világ.”

Erika Bartha

Protecting and reinforcing techniques

These are techniques you can use to increase the vibration of your body. They will also help you maintain these vibrations in your body and in your life. They include exercises that re-tune your body to be healthy, with healthy communication between your cells. You lift yourself over fear and let the higher vibration of love into your body. These techniques start a self-healing process in you. You can heal your body and improve your life.

You can also learn these techniques in person from the Heart Shine Wakeners. You can reach them here.

Conscious waking and falling asleep:

You can do a lot for yourself by falling asleep and waking up consciously.

Conscious waking:

In the morning, when you wake up and open your eyes, tell your body: I am healthy! Turn your thoughts to this: I’m going to have a wonderful day today!

Conscious sleep:

Make this your last thought before you fall asleep: I am healthy! My body is healthy! It is crucial that the body you live in is healthy. Always keep in mind that the feelings you have when you fall asleep continue to work in your body during the night at cellular level. What do you want to give energy to? Fall asleep by thinking about love. This is conscious sleep.

Shine sentences

There are words and sentences that trigger positive vibrations and positive emotions in us. These vibrations tune to a conscious shine field. In this field it is easier to maintain love, health, peace and the shine. When you say the sentences to yourself or out loud, see and feel the Shine in your body.

  • The power of Shine protects me.
  • I am under the protection of Shine.
  • My body is the home of Shine.
  • Every cell in my body vibrates with Shine.
  • I walk the path of Love and Shine.
  • Shine leads me on my way.
  • Shine and love flow from my heart.
  • My house is the home of Shine.
  • My house is protected by Shine.
  • My loved ones are protected by Shine.
  • The power of Shine protects my loved ones.

Incorporate these sentences into your thoughts by repeating the sentences you feel you need many times. Feel the Shine flood your body. This vibration increases the power of Shine and Love in you. It gives you wonderful positive feelings. Let’s increase our own vibrations and by so doing increase the vibration of everyone around us too. Let’s give strength to shine, love, serenity and health.

Breathing exercises

Breathing to relieve stress

  • Move your hands, shoulders and legs while standing.
  • Take a few calm breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose.
  • Take a long, strong breath through the nose while tensing all the muscles of your body (face, arms, buttocks and perineum).
  • Exhale strongly through your mouth with pursed lips, as if you are blowing up a balloon, but relax your muscles.
  • Take a few calm breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose.
  • Then repeat this four or five times.
  • Finish with a big sigh.

Breathing to ease headaches and neck pain

This releases blocks from the shoulders, neck and arms. It relaxes the neck and the shoulders.

It is best if you are sitting down, and your arms should be hanging down.

  • Take a few calm breaths in through the nose and out through the nose.
  • Inhale slowly through your nose, while slowly tilting your head to the side and exhale while softly saying first a “sh” and then a “s” sound. Press down your shoulders while you’re doing this.
  • When your lungs are empty, lift your head, then tilt it to the other side while inhaling. Once you’re there, exhale while softly repeating the “sh” and then the “s” sound. Press down your shoulders while you are doing this.
  • Repeat this three times.
  • Finish with a big sigh.

Shine protection with a crystal pyramid, which protects your body and your DNA

  • Visualize a crystal pyramid above your head with its tip pointing upwards!
  • Visualize another crystal pyramid under your feet. It’s tip should also be pointing upwards.
  • The two crystal pyramids are connected by light fibers that contain DNA strands. Millions and millions of light fibers form a sphere around you. The crystal pyramids light up, the Shine lights up in the DNA in the light fibers and flows into your body. This elevates your body to a higher vibration. The Shine fills your body, all your cells and all your atoms. The Shine glows, lives and moves within you, and you also glow.

Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol is a wonderful healing symbol that allows you to receive higher energies from the celestial World. Either draw it on yourself or visualize drawing it on the food you eat. The symbol increases the vibration of everything.

Tips for preserving your health

Well-being is based on physical and mental health. We provide exercises to help you maintain your physical health. Feel free to choose from them and use them with health and joy.

Exercises that can be included in your daily routine:

10 minutes in the morning:

Spend 10 minutes on yourself. It’s really worth it. You will quickly feel the changes in your body.

Before you get out of bed:

First, think about having a wonderful day. With this, you create the energetic foundations of your day. If you want to get or achieve something, tell yourself that you will get it today.

Wakening the physical body

Starting deep vein circulation by raising the legs and retracting the feet (point and flex)

While lying in bed, stretch and lift your two legs, then point and flex your feet. Point and flex 10 times. By doing this the direction of blood circulation gets reversed, which rejuvenates the skin and keeps the blood vessels healthy. This is very important.

While still lying, raise your chest a little. This opens your heart chakra.

This places the heart above the legs and restores the direction of blood circulation. It is advisable to do this after the exercises where the legs are high, thus reversing the circulation of the blood.

This is also a very good exercise when you feel like certain emotions are straining your chest.

Hip warm-up:

It is a big strain on your spine to get up right away in the morning, so warm your hips with circles! First, pull up one bent leg to your chest and circle with your knee in one direction and the other. Then circle with the other leg in the same way.

Turn on your side and get out of bed so as not to strain your spine.

Drink a glass of warm water.

You can even place a glass of water next to your bed. Warm water is good for the stomach and triggers the bowel function.

Our cells are 70% water. This water replaces the water that has evaporated from our body through our skin and mucous membranes at night. Giving more water to your body keeps your cells and skin young.

Energizing exercises

Prepare your body for your day. Do a few arm circles forward and backward, while exhaling powerfully. Circle your hips left and right. Move your knee and ankle joints in circles. Bounce up and down on the spot. This will wake up your cells.

Increasing the vibration level

Watch as the beautiful light stream over your head enters your body through your crown chakra. It flows through your body and fills every single part of you, your cells and your organs with Shine and you will glow.


Imagine an egg-shaped light shield around you. It is like a light sphere. Fill it with strong Shine. All low-vibration energies will bounce back from it.

Some important tips

Water with lemon on an empty stomach

This alkalizes your body and cleanses your liver. Squeeze half or a whole lemon into three and a third fluid oz of water and drink it.

Olive oil on an empty stomach

This lubricates the intestinal tract. Swallow one tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach. This prepares the liver and bile for digestion.


Vitamins and minerals can be absorbed when your intestinal system is in good shape.

Vitamin C and vitamins D and K in oil are needed every day. Minerals and antioxidants also need to be replenished. Selenium and zinc are very useful in these difficult times. Boosting your immune system is very important.

Conscious nutrition

While you are eating think about how you are loving and nourishing your body.

Have a good breakfast

It is ok if you eat it at work, but take 5-10 minutes to have your breakfast in calm surroundings. Thank your body for doing its job steadfastly all day long. Positive thoughts while eating have a very strong effect, so do not listen to the news while eating. Healthy protein is very important and it’s crucial to strengthen the protein coat of your cells. Organic eggs, chickpeas, hemp seeds and protein powders are good for this.

Bless your food

The Heart Shine blessing goes like this: I love myself, I love the food I eat. May everything and everyone be blessed. Any blessing that comes from your heart is good.

Relieving stress during the day

Shake your hands and feet. Bounce up and down on the spot. Shake the stress out of yourself. While you are doing this exhale powerfully and after you have finished tap all over your chest. This will release the stress energy from your heart.

If you want to recharge yourself with energy, sit down and close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Put your hand on your heart and listen inward. Recall something in you that brings a feeling of love and gratitude. Stay in that feeling for a few minutes. It will work wonders for you.

Before a discussion, a job interview or an important meeting

Send the Shine forward to settle the energy. The discussion will be easier.

When you go to bed in the evening, fall asleep Consciously.

When you go to bed in the evening, take a minute to think about what you can give thanks for from your day. Put your hand on your heart and feel the gratitude. You are healthy, the sun has risen, you have a beautiful family, give thanks for everything you have.

Other useful exercises

Releasing tension

Spread your legs and first shake your arms vigorously and if no one is nearby, say HA forcefully. The tension energy will flow out of you through your fingers. Then do the same with one foot first and then with the other foot.

Energizing food

When you are cooking draw the infinity symbol on the ingredients. The infinity symbol is a healing symbol that allows food to absorb higher energies.

You can bless the food, thank it for nourishing your body and fill it with Shine.

Energizing the drink

Hold the glass in your hand and program the water by saying into it what you want. For example, this glass of water will make my body healthy. You can put symbol under or on the glass. You could use the flower of life, or the infinity symbol for this. You could also write a reinforcing sentence, something like,  I am 100% healthy. or any of the Shine sentences.

Water purification

Om Shri matrez namaha mantra. Sing this slowly and it will purify the water. With this mantra you can also purify the water in your body and in your cells.

Health preserving, healing mantras

I am 100% healthy.

All my cells, all my atoms and all my molecules are completely healthy.

You can write these sentences on the mirror, on the computer screen or any place where they will remind you. The more you see these words, the more they will help your body. If possible, draw a smiley face next to them or a nice picture to associate a pleasant feeling with the sentence. It is important that you really experience it.

Healing music

You can find 432 Hz music on Youtube. This has a cell regenerating and healing effect.


You can find free meditations here. You can also choose from our meditations available for purchase.