“We unite the light and the power of love. Many hearts beat at the same time in order to help.
We shine this love to everyone, every day. This changes the world.”

Erika Bartha

"I know that my life will never be the same as before. Now I know that I am valuable" - the first reaction of a woman lacking self-confidence after the Rejuvenation treatment
My tumour marker was previously 1645, so I asked my friend for a Heart Shine treatment. I had a blood test yesterday, they checked my tumour marker again, and it was 330. Nobody here at the hospital understands why. Thank you very much.
"I went for a Heart Shine treatment with knee pain, and it was gone after 2 sessions. Since then it has helped me through self-awareness, making spectacular changes in my life" – Andrea
This story is about a girl who told me when she sat down in front of me that she didn't even know who she was. As a result of the meetings, her ten-minute concentration turned into half an hour and so we moved on. Finally she was able to get dressed, make decisions and pay attention. After completing a course, her manual dexterity improved and since then she has been able to work, she can take a workload and regained her spiritual intuitions.
"I got what I really wanted from this self-awareness course. I had a lot of enlightenment about my personality. I got much more balanced and stable by 'cleaning out' old blocks and grievances. My happiness level in everyday life has increased, I can communicate much better in my relationship. I have learned what real love is and how to give and receive it. The course days were the best days of the month, I always looked forward to them. This course should be made compulsory for everyone." – Dorka
On 6 May I had an accident and broke my ankle. It was a borderline case between surgery and a bed cast. I negotiated with the doctor to get a bed cast, but he said that if my ankle didn't improve properly by the time of the check-up, I could have a surgery. My friend sent me the New Shine Body self-healing meditation, which I listened every day, and she also treated me from a distance.At the check-up, the doctor was very pleased with the improvement based on the x-ray, so I got a walking cast. The Heart Shine treatment and the meditation helped a lot in my recovery. Thank you very much. H. aged 46, from Budapest
This feedback came 2 weeks after a forgiveness meditation: "A few weeks ago I attended a Heart Shine meditation for the first time and the impact is astonishing to me! During the meditation I didn't feel anything special: I followed what she said, I felt a bit calmer afterwards, but that was it. I didn't even expect more! And still! Since then, I have gradually felt better and better because something is working inside me all the time, and it's getting easier every day! Now I feel and know that the solution has arrived for a problem that has been accumulating and growing for years. And I am infinitely grateful for that!"
My little son was bullied a lot in kindergarten for his hyperactivity. After a Heart Shine therapy, Melinda taught him the Shine protection phrase. Since then, no one bullies him and he is much calmer. I am very grateful for the helping energy.
My life has been changed by the Heart Shine teachings. I live healthier, I am balanced, I get less angry and I rarely worry. My relationship with my family has become much more loving. I have found my inner peace. I can face the challenges in my life more easily. I am grateful for the teaching and the courses. Gabi, aged 56